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Technical fluids för Peugeot 5008 09.2013 - 2017

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Technical fluids CARAMBA
Reservdelskod: AL146431
Tillverkare: CARAMBA
Förpackning: 270ml 1L pris: 10.48 EUR
Distilled water 5L
Reservdelskod: AL21609557
Litervolym: 5L 1L pris: 0.58 EUR
Reservdelskod: AL11967416
Beskrivning: without silicone
Förpackning: 100ml 1L pris: 30.60 EUR
Reservdelskod: AL11976003
Förpackning: 600ml 1L pris: 5.13 EUR
Delbenämning: bromsrengörning
Reservdelskod: AL14439143
Förpackning: 250ml 1L pris: 15.00 EUR
Penetrating Oil 500ml
Reservdelskod: AL11960441
Förpackning: 500ml 1L pris: 8.74 EUR
Effective tool to loosen rusted part. Penetrating oil has good penetrating properties and contains graphite and MoS2. Penetrating oil is moisture repellent and rust preventive. MoTip Penetrating Oil has a powerful jetspray and can be used in various positions.
Airco Cleaner 500ml
Reservdelskod: AL11960472
Förpackning: 500ml 1L pris: 9.16 EUR
Cleansing foam to condition the air-conditioning in motor vehicles. MoTip Airco Cleaner has a subtle scent, optimizes the functioning of the air-conditioning and prevents malfunction.
Nitro solvent 1L
Reservdelskod: AL21609567
Litervolym: 1L
White Grease 500ml
Reservdelskod: AL11960436
Förpackning: 500ml 1L pris: 10.00 EUR
Spray grease with excellent adhesion and high viscosity to lubricate mechanical parts of metal or plastic. White grease has outstanding mechanical and thermal stability and is resistant to weather influences and weak acids and bases. White grease is water-repellent and pH-neutral. White grease contains PTFE (polytetrafluoretheen) and prevents wear and sticking. MoTip White Grease is resistant to temperatures of - 30°C up to + 160°C.
Quick start 400ml
Reservdelskod: AL11908978
Förpackning: 400ml 1L pris: 12.83 EUR
Electro Protect 500ml
Reservdelskod: AL11956545
Förpackning: 500ml 1L pris: 10.58 EUR
Electro preservative with good penetrating properties to prevent starting problems caused by moisture. Electro protect is water-repellent and moisture repellent. Electro Protect is resistant to water, salt and weak acids and bases and is pH-neutral. MoTip Electro Protect has excellent adhesion and excellent corrosion prevention.
Tyre Repair 500ml MOTIP
Reservdelskod: AL11886849
Förpackning: 500ml 1L pris: 10.84 EUR
User-friendly, rubber based spray to execute emergency repairs on tubeless tyres. MoTip Car Care Tyre Repair can be used without removing the tyre.
PTFE Spray 500ml
Reservdelskod: AL11956547
Förpackning: 500ml 1L pris: 10.84 EUR
Universal lubricant with outstanding mechanical and thermal stability to treat mechanical parts of metal and plastic. PTFE spray has a very low friction factor, a fine structure (particle size approximately 5 micrometer) and excellent adhesion. PTFE spray is resistant to weather influences and weak acids and bases, water-repellent and pH-neutral. PTFE spray prevents wear and sticking. MoTip PTFE Spray is resistant to temperatures of - 50°C up to + 250°C.
Freezer 500ml
Reservdelskod: AL11956550
Förpackning: 500ml 1L pris: 10.84 EUR
Effective tool to loosen pressed connections. MoTip Freezer briefly decreases the temperature to - 50°C and has a directed jetspray.
Motip 200001
Reservdelskod: AL11617184
Förpackning: 500ml 1L pris: 11.34 EUR
Gasket Remover 500ml
Reservdelskod: AL11960361
Förpackning: 500ml 1L pris: 11.66 EUR
Spray for the fast and easy removal of dried adhesives and seals, as well as hardened sealing material from car and machine parts. Gasket remover has high dissolving properties and is non-conductive and non-corrosive. In view of the high viscosity, gasket remover has optimum effect. MoTip Gasket Remover is user-friendly and has a directed jetspray.
Screw lock 10ml 26707
Reservdelskod: AL11792097
Copper Spray 500ml
Reservdelskod: AL11956548
Förpackning: 500ml 1L pris: 12.38 EUR
Spray with a high copper content to prevent wear and sticking of screwed connections which are exposed to very high temperatures. Copper spray has high thermal stability and is corrosion preventive. Copper spray is resistant to chemicals and weather influences and prevents wear and sticking. MoTip Copper Spray is resistant to temperatures of - 40°C up to + 1.100°C.
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