R32 - Refrigerant (9 kg)

Gas for refilling refrigeration systems

Fast delivery across Europe
  • 129 eur
    R32 gas price
  • +
  • 40 eur
    Cylinder deposit
  • =
  • 212 eur-20%
    169 eur
    Price for 1 R32 gas cylinder
  • Price shown before tax
  • Gas cylinders are in stock
  • We only take back our deposit-paid container

ALVADI is a successful company selling R32 refrigerant in Northern Europe.

12 years, we have been working in the markets of Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia.

Gas is sold only to corporate customers
A reliable supplier
Fast delivery across Europe
Service Quality Standard
3 000
Corporate clients
Hello! I'm Artur Trussov, R32 Gas Sales Manager at ALVADI.
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