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  1. AUDI A3 (8V) 06.2012-2016
  2. Control Valve, compressor (5)

Control Valve, compressor NRF 38450

Item code: AL25456317
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Manufacturer NRF
Code 38450
Product Control Valve, compressor
Manufacturer Restriction DENSO
Compressor ID 6SEU
Compressor ID 7SEU
Operating voltage [V] 12
Original codes:
AUDI 5N0820803H
AUDI 1K0820859S
AUDI 1K0820859SX
AUDI 1K0820859T
AUDI 1K0820859TX
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Codes are specified by the manufacturers to determine the right part.
Below are the codes, with which the part is compatible:
ALVADI AL25456317
AUDI 5N0820803H
AUDI 1K0820859S
AUDI 1K0820859SX
AUDI 1K0820859T
AUDI 1K0820859TX
AUDI 4B0260805H
AUDI 5K0820803A
AUDI 5N0820803
AUDI 5N0820803A
AUDI 5N0820803B
AUDI 5N0820803C
AUDI 5N0820803F
AUDI 5N0820803G
AUDI 5N0820803HX
AUDI 1K0820859Q
AUDI 5Q0820803
AUDI 5Q0820803A
AUDI 5Q0820803B
AUDI 5Q0820803C
AUDI 5Q0820803D
AUDI 5Q0820803F
AUDI 8E0260805AS
AUDI 8E0260805F
AUDI 8E0260805S
AUDI 8J0260805
AUDI 8J0260805A
AUDI 1K0260859F
AUDI 1K0820859QX
AUDI 5N0820803E
AUDI 1K0820859P
AUDI 1K0820803T
AUDI 1K0820803E
AUDI 1K0820859N
AUDI 1K0820803G
AUDI 1K0820803H
AUDI 1K0820803J
AUDI 1K0820803K
AUDI 1K0820803L
AUDI 1K0820803N
AUDI 1K0820803P
AUDI 1K0820803Q
AUDI 1K0820803QX
AUDI 1K0820803S
AUDI 1K0820803SX
AUDI 1K0820803F
AUDI 1K0820808A
AUDI 1K0820859M
AUDI 1K0820808AX
AUDI 1K0820808B
AUDI 1K0820808BX
AUDI 1K0820808D
AUDI 1K0820808FX
AUDI 1K0820859C
AUDI 1K0820859D
AUDI 1K0820859E
AUDI 1K0820859F
AUDI 1K0820859H
AUDI 1K0820859J
EAN 4027816384502
NRF 38450
SEAT 1K0820859QX
SEAT 5N0820803C
SEAT 1K0820859S
SEAT 1K0820859SX
SEAT 1K0820859T
SEAT 1K0820859Q
SEAT 1K0820859TX
SEAT 5K0820803A
SEAT 5N0820803
SEAT 5N0820803A
SEAT 5N0820803B
SEAT 5Q0820803B
SEAT 5N0820803E
SEAT 5N0820803F
SEAT 5N0820803G
SEAT 5N0820803H
SEAT 5N0820803HX
SEAT 5Q0820803
SEAT 5Q0820803A
SEAT 5Q0820803C
SEAT 5Q0820803D
SEAT 5Q0820803F
SEAT 8J0260805A
SEAT 1K0820859N
SEAT 1K0820859P
SEAT 8J0260805
SEAT 1K0820859M
SEAT 1K0820803QX
SEAT 1K0820859J
SEAT 1K0820803E
SEAT 1K0820803F
SEAT 1K0820803G
SEAT 1K0820803H
SEAT 1K0820803J
SEAT 1K0820803K
SEAT 1K0820803L
SEAT 1K0820803N
SEAT 1K0820803P
SEAT 1K0820803Q
SEAT 1K0260859F
SEAT 1K0820803S
SEAT 1K0820859C
SEAT 1K0820803SX
SEAT 1K0820859F
SEAT 1K0820859E
SEAT 1K0820859D
SEAT 1K0820859H
SEAT 1K0820808D
SEAT 1K0820808B
SEAT 1K0820808AX
SEAT 1K0820808A
SEAT 1K0820808BX
SEAT 1K0820803T
SKODA 5K0820803A
SKODA 5N0820803B
SKODA 5N0820803A
SKODA 5N0820803
SKODA 1K0820859SX
SKODA 1K0820859TX
SKODA 1K0820859T
SKODA 1K0820859S
SKODA 1K0820859QX
SKODA 5N0820803C
SKODA 1K0820859Q
SKODA 5Q0820803A
SKODA 5N0820803E
SKODA 5N0820803F
SKODA 5N0820803H
SKODA 5N0820803HX
SKODA 5Q0820803
SKODA 5Q0820803B
SKODA 5Q0820803C
SKODA 5Q0820803D
SKODA 5Q0820803F
SKODA 8J0260805
SKODA 8J0260805A
SKODA 1K0820859N
SKODA 1K0820859P
SKODA 5N0820803G
SKODA 1K0820859M
SKODA 1K0820803S
SKODA 1K0260859F
SKODA 1K0820803E
SKODA 1K0820803F
SKODA 1K0820803G
SKODA 1K0820803H
SKODA 1K0820803J
SKODA 1K0820803K
SKODA 1K0820803N
SKODA 1K0820803P
SKODA 1K0820803Q
SKODA 1K0820803QX
SKODA 1K0820803L
SKODA 1K0820803SX
SKODA 1K0820859C
SKODA 1K0820803T
SKODA 1K0820859F
SKODA 1K0820859E
SKODA 1K0820859D
SKODA 1K0820859H
SKODA 1K0820808D
SKODA 1K0820808A
SKODA 1K0820808BX
SKODA 1K0820859J
SKODA 1K0820808AX
SKODA 1K0820808B
VW 1K0820859S
VW 1K0820859SX
VW 1K0820859T
VW 5N0820803A
VW 2E0820803A
VW 2E0820803B
VW 2E0820803C
VW 2E0820803D
VW 2E0820803G
VW 5K0820803A
VW 5N0820803
VW 1K0820859TX
VW 8J0260805
VW 5N0820803B
VW 5N0820803C
VW 5N0820803E
VW 5N0820803F
VW 5N0820803G
VW 5N0820803H
VW 5N0820803HX
VW 5Q0820803
VW 5Q0820803A
VW 5Q0820803B
VW 5Q0820803C
VW 5Q0820803D
VW 5Q0820803F
VW 1K0820859Q
VW 1K0820859QX
VW 1K0820808A
VW 1K0820859P
VW 1K0820803S
VW 1K0260859F
VW 1K0820803E
VW 1K0820803F
VW 1K0820803G
VW 1K0820803H
VW 1K0820803J
VW 1K0820803K
VW 1K0820803L
VW 1K0820803N
VW 1K0820803P
VW 1K0820803Q
VW 1K0820803QX
VW 1K0820803SX
VW 1K0820859N
VW 1K0820803T
VW 1K0820808AX
VW 1K0820808B
VW 1K0820808BX
VW 1K0820808D
VW 1K0820859C
VW 1K0820859D
VW 1K0820859E
VW 1K0820859F
VW 1K0820859H
VW 1K0820859J
VW 1K0820859M
VW 8J0260805A