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Products of MAPCO Autotechnik have been sold in the millions. As a manufacturer of high quality spare parts MAPCO offers more than 20.000 items for brands from Alfa Romeo to Volvo.

MAPCO products have been sold with enormous success in Germany since 1977. Over the last 30 years millions of MAPCO products have been fitted to a multitude of different vehicle applications. Customer satisfaction still commands the highest priority. MAPCO Autotechnik headquarters are located Borkheide, near Berlin.

MAPCO has made itself a name in the last three decades all over Europe as a brake specialist. MAPCO has not neglected its original specialism and has continually developed and enhanced its range of brake parts.

The new technologies for front and rear axle constructions introduced by the vehicle manufacturers in the Nineties, has lead led to an explosive growth in the market potential for these replacement parts.

MAPCO steering racks for servo-assisted and mechanical steering round off the programme.

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German QualityRecommended by ALVADI
Look for MAPCO quality badge in ALVADI store
Certified by TÜV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland AG is an independent test service provider headquartered in Cologne, Germany. It operates as a technical testing organization for safety, efficiency and quality.

MAPCO® Repair Kits

MAPCO Repair Kits

MAPCO offers high quality and affordable repair kits.

Repair Kits from MAPCO include all the necessary bolts and fittings. You won't need to order and wait for any additional bolts to install your car part.

Look for complete solution to fix your car!

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