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Шарнир, приводной вал SKF

Цена:   128.08  EUR
Шарнир, приводной вал
Код товара: AL14386056
Высочайшее качество, сравнимо с оригиналом.
Outer Diameter [mm]:98
External Teeth, wheel side:26
Thread Size:M22X1,5
Internal Teeth, wheel side:28
Seal Diameter [mm]:56,5
Machined:with groove in inner element (outside)
Number of Teeth, ABS ring:45
braking system:Hydraulic
Model:2.2 TURBO
Fitting Position:wheel side; Front Axle
Transmission Type:Automatic Transmission
Displacement (rounded) [cc]:2226
Displacement (exact) [cc]:2200
From construction year:08.86
From Chassis No.:44-J-200100
Engine Code:MC
To construction year:11.90
Output to [kW]:121
Output to [HP]:165
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info:TURBO
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