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полуось EAI

Цена:   144.38  EUR
Код товара: AL136049
Аналоговая деталь высокого качества.
From construction year:09.92
Displacement (exact) [cc]:1995
Engine Code:AR 64103
To construction year:09.98
Output to [kW]:106
Output to [HP]:144
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info:T.S.
Diameter 2 [mm]:100
Diameter 1 [mm]:87
External Teeth, wheel side:25
Braking / Drive Dynamics:for vehicles without ABS
Length [mm]:560
braking system:Hydraulic
Model:2.0 T.S. (164.H3)
Fitting Position:Front Axle Right; front axle left
Transmission Type:Manual transmission
Displacement (rounded) [cc]:1995
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