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Свеча зажигания NGK

Цена:   29.11  EUR
Свеча зажигания
Код товара: AL120329
Высочайшее качество, сравнимо с оригиналом.
Spark Plug:1 - Earthed Electrode; platinum middle electrode; interference Suppression 5 kOhm; Fixed SAE connector; With marten protection
Spanner Size:16 mm
Spark Position [mm]:2
Outer Thread [mm]:12,0
Thread Length [mm]:19
Eдиница продажи:1 шт.
braking system:Hydraulic
Transmission Type:Manual transmission
Displacement (rounded) [cc]:3201
Displacement (exact) [cc]:3201
Engine Code:S50 B32
Output to [kW]:236
Output to [HP]:321
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