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veovõlli otsa porikumm POLCAR

Hind:   6.91  EUR
Veovõlli otsa porikumm
Varuosa kood: AL113901
Väga hea kvaliteediga analoog varuosa.
Diameter 1/ Diameter 2 [mm]:A=21 / C=80
To construction year:01.05
Output to [kW]:132
Output to [HP]:180
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info:TDI
also available as universal article - see article no.:QJB8020D
Length [mm]:84
Model:2.5 TDI Quattro
Fitting Position:wheel side; Front Axle
Displacement (rounded) [cc]:2496
Displacement (exact) [cc]:2496
From construction year:02.00
Engine Code:BDH
tarnija laos: ei ole
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