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Clutch Kit LUK

Price:   361.90  EUR
Clutch Kit
Item code: AL89137
High quality, comparable to the original.
Diameter [mm]:200
braking system:Hydraulic
Displacement (rounded) [cc]:1191
Displacement (exact) [cc]:1191
Output to [kW]:45
Output to [HP]:61
can be ordered 2 pcs
date of delivery: 22.08.2017, 11:55 help

Clutch Kit LuK

Price:   329.15  EUR
Clutch Kit
Item code: AL730660
Code:620 2516 00
Product:Clutch Kit
Diameter [mm]:200
Supplementary Article/Info 2:with clutch plate
Supplementary Article/Info 2:with releaser
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info:with clutch pressure plate

can be ordered 4 pcs
date of delivery: 22.08.2017, 13:55 help

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