Interior blower Behr 7005903 for Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda
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Interior blower Behr

Price:   227.08   EUR
High quality, comparable to the original.
Interior blower

Item code: AL46209
Notes 1:AC automatic controlling
Radiator fan diameter:146mm
Transmission type:M/A
Information:When replacing the blower we suggest the replacement of the cabin air filter
Product description:Behr type
in suppliers stock: not available
Let me know when it becomes available

Interior Blower MEYLE

Price:   143.08   EUR
Interior Blower

Item code: AL19918527
Code:100 820 0000
Product:Interior Blower
Diameter [mm]:162,5
Driver Position:for left-hand drive vehicles
Number of Poles:6
Rated Power [W]:350
Vehicle Equipment:for vehicles with automatic climate control
Voltage [V]:12

can be ordered 1 pcs
date of delivery: 22.11.2018, 15:55 help

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