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Clutch Kit LUK

Price:   633.06  EUR
Clutch Kit
Item code: AL150759
High quality, comparable to the original.
Engine Version:For engines with dual-mass flywheel
Max. Sideplay [mm]:1,6
Max. Clearance Angle [Degree]:17
Number of teeth (finding the max. clearance angle):7
Adjustment:With automatic adjustment
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info 2:friction control plate; Requires special tools for mounting; with flywheel; with screw kit
Displacement (rounded) [cc]:1896
Displacement (exact) [cc]:1896
Engine Code:AVF
Output to [kW]:96
Output to [HP]:130
in suppliers stock: not available
Let me know when it becomes available

Clutch Kit LuK

Price:   637.88  EUR
Clutch Kit
Item code: AL730178
Code:600 0039 00
Product:Clutch Kit
Adjustment:with automatic adjustment
Engine Version:for engines with dual-mass flywheel
Max. Clearance Angle [Degree]:17
Max. Sideplay [mm]:1,6
Number of teeth (finding the max. clearance angle):7
Supplementary Article/Info 2:with flywheel
Supplementary Article/Info 2:with screw set
Supplementary Article/Info 2:Requires special tools for mounting
Supplementary Article/Info 2:Dual-mass flywheel with friction control plate

can be ordered 5 pcs
date of delivery: 29.05.2017, 11:55 help

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