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Wiper arm

Price:   15.55  EUR
Wiper arm
Item code: AL14446071
High-quality analog item
Location (front/rear):rear
Dimensions:with blade 330 mm
Version of wiperblade:specific
in the store : 2 pc.
date of delivery: 21.08.2017, 01:06

Wiper arm

Price:   14.60  EUR
Wiper arm
Item code: AL14446068
Version of wiperblade:specific
Dimensions:with blade 375 mm
Location (front/rear):rear
Model details:AVANT
Product:Wiper arm

in the store : 4 pc.
date of delivery: 21.08.2017, 01:06

Wiper Arm, windscreen washer VAICO

Price:   33.55  EUR
Wiper Arm, windscreen washer
Item code: AL18092737
Manufacturer: VAICO
Product:Wiper Arm, windscreen washer
Location (front/rear):Rear
Length [mm]:375
Supplementary Article/Info 2:with cap
Supplementary Article/Info 2:with integrated wiper blade

can be ordered 3 pcs
date of delivery: 21.08.2017, 17:55 help

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