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Parking sensor

Price with discount:   24.96  EUR
Ordinary price:  27.73  EUR
Economy:  2.77  EUR (-9.9%)
Parking sensor
Item code: AL14382906
High-quality analog item
braking system:Hydraulic
can be ordered 5 pcs
date of delivery: 20.02.2018, 11:55 help

Sensor, park assist sensor VEMO

Price with discount:   63.24  EUR
Ordinary price:  64.18  EUR
Economy:  0.94  EUR (-1%)
Sensor, park assist sensor
Item code: AL11884966
Product:Sensor, park assist sensor
Part number of recommended accessories:V99-72-0001
Sensor Type:Ultrasonic Sensor
Manufacturer: VEMO

can be ordered 4 pcs
date of delivery: 19.02.2018, 15:55 help

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