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Brake disc SRL

Price:   73.61  EUR
Brake disc
Item code: AL14381752
High-quality analog item
Centering Diameter [mm]:59,1
Brake Disc Type:ventilated
Diameter [mm]:257
Mounting Type:Bolted
Minimum Thickness [mm]:20,2
Number of Holes:4
Brake Disc Thickness [mm]:22.2
Depth [mm]:50,7
Sales Unit:packing unit: 2 pcs.
braking system:Lucas
braking system:Hydraulic
Fitting Position:Front Axle
in suppliers stock: not available
Let me know when it becomes available

Brake Disc BREMBO

Price:   49.39  EUR
Brake Disc
Item code: AL578787
Product:Brake Disc
Brake Disc Thickness [mm]:22
Brake Disc Type:Internally Vented
Centering Diameter [mm]:59
Diameter [mm]:257
for article number:09.5215.10
Height [mm]:50,7
Minimum thickness [mm]:20,2
Number of Holes:4
Supplementary Article/Info 2:with screws
Tightening Torque [Nm]:98

can be ordered 5 pcs
date of delivery: 24.07.2018, 13:55 help

Brake Disc CIFAM

Price:   73.50  EUR
Brake Disc
Item code: AL17319369
Product:Brake Disc
Bolt Hole Circle Ø [mm]:59
Brake Disc Thickness [mm]:26
Brake Disc Type:Vented
Diameter [mm]:281
Height [mm]:43,5
Minimum thickness [mm]:24,2
Number of Holes:5

can be ordered 2 pcs
date of delivery: 24.07.2018, 13:55 help

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