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Boost pressure sensor BOSCH

Price:   58.87  EUR
Boost pressure sensor
Item code: AL14377908
High quality, comparable to the original.
in suppliers stock: not available
Let me know when it becomes available

Air Pressure Sensor, height adaptation MAXGEAR

Price:   11.86  EUR
Air Pressure Sensor, height adaptation
Item code: AL20467335
Product:Air Pressure Sensor, height adaptation

can be ordered 3 pcs
date of delivery: 22.01.2018, 15:55 help

Sensor, intake manifold pressure FAE

Price:   58.08  EUR
Sensor, intake manifold pressure
Item code: AL524747
Product:Sensor, intake manifold pressure
Number of Poles:4
Pressure [Pa] from:20000
Pressure [Pa] to:254000

can be ordered 5 pcs
date of delivery: 22.01.2018, 11:55 help

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