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Shock absorber top mounting SRL

Price with discount:   21.33  EUR
Ordinary price:  23.71  EUR
Economy:  2.38  EUR (-10%)
Shock absorber top mounting
Item code: AL126782
High-quality analog item
Shock absorber's type:mounting parts
Shock-absorbers - Completion:LH=RH
Mounting place:F
can be ordered 2 pcs
date of delivery: 27.11.2017, 11:55 help

Top Strut Mounting LEMFÖRDER

Price with discount:   32.83  EUR
Ordinary price:  36.48  EUR
Economy:  3.65  EUR (-10%)
Top Strut Mounting
Item code: AL704957
Code:21808 01
Product:Top Strut Mounting
Axle (front/rear):Front Axle
Quantity per Axle:2
Supplementary Article/Info 2:without ball bearing

can be ordered 5 pcs
date of delivery: 27.11.2017, 11:55 help

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