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Tension pulley INA

Price:   91.39  EUR
Tension pulley
Item code: AL124269
High quality, comparable to the original.
Displacement (exact) [cc]:2426
Engine Code:M21 D24 W
Outer Diameter [mm]:66,8
width [mm]:33
braking system:Hydraulic
Displacement (rounded) [cc]:2443
can be ordered 3 pcs
date of delivery: 24.07.2017, 11:55 help

Tensioner Pulley, timing belt INA

Price:   70.25  EUR
Tensioner Pulley, timing belt
Item code: AL679332
Code:531 0338 10
Product:Tensioner Pulley, timing belt
Outer diameter [mm]:66,8
Width [mm]:33

can be ordered 4 pcs
date of delivery: 25.07.2017, 13:55 help

Tensioner Pulley, timing belt RUVILLE

Price:   70.86  EUR
Tensioner Pulley, timing belt
Item code: AL12544869
Product:Tensioner Pulley, timing belt
Number of Ribs:8
Outer diameter [mm]:66,8
Supplementary Article/Info 2:with guide sleeve
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info:with add-on material
Width [mm]:33

can be ordered 5 pcs
date of delivery: 31.07.2017, 11:55 help

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