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How to make an order

If you have selected the products  it is necessary to do the following:

1.      If you are for the first time in our web site, then please register yourself.

2.      You can purchase a product by clicking the "Shopping Cart" button.

3.      If necessary, change the quantity of the product in the card and press the "Checkout" button.

4.      Select the payment method and pay for your order.

If You are a client of our company, then you can finish your order in three steps:

1.      Fill a shopping cart.

2.      Proceed to checkout by clicking the button "Checkout".

3.      Select the payment method and pay for your order.


If You have checked the prices, then You can place the product to the shopping cart. If all the necessary products are in the shopping cart, You can still change the quantity of each product, pressing the `+` or `-`. In order to formalize the order press the `Proceed to checkout`. If you are ordering in our shop for the first time, please fill out the order delivery details: the address and the contact information. After the completion of all the required fields please select a payment method, product delivery method and accept our conditions. 

If you have any problems with finding the necessary goods, then you can always turn to our experts, who can help you to find the necessary products.


Payment in our office:

In our head office you can pay by cash or by the bank card. You can also pay with help of your authorized representative. If you are unable to get to our office, then please contact us and we will find a solution to your concerns.

Business customers get the invoice after making an order. Private customers get the receipt, which can be shown to us in order to receive the products.

Payment by the bank transfer:

You can pay by the bank transfer on our website after placing the order. Our system will automatically guide you to your chosen bank, where you can make your payment. After the payment confirmation, you can ask for payment on our website by selecting the "My Orders" button, and pressing the `download` the bill.

Regular customers can pay for the goods by the use of installments (credit). If your limit of credit is sufficient, then you can choose this payment method on the checkout page by selecting "Use credit limit".

When paying by the bank transfer, the receipt of goods of your order is just enough to show the number, which was sent as a message to your phone number.


If the goods in which You are interested is in the main warehouse, and You want to get it in the day after reservations are made. Then the request should be confirmed of the current day by 12.00.

Order delivery in Tallinn:

After purchase you have options to receive your goods:

   1.    I'll collect the goods in the warehouse Alvadi –I*ll come to the shop. at LMajaka 10, Tallinn
   2.    Send goods to me – we will deliver the goods to You, to the address indicated on the order..

Price for delivery in Tallinn is 2.99 EUR
If a single order exceeds 84 EUR, we will ship the goods in  Tallinn free.

Order delivery to other cities in Estonia:

After purchase you have options to receive your goods:

   1.    I'll collect the goods in the warehouse Alvadi – I*ll come to the shop. at LMajaka 10, Tallinn
   2.    Send goods to me  – select the most convenient method of delivery:

          •    Tulen Cargobus esindusse kaubale järgi –We will send Your order to Cargobus representation of Your chosen city;
          •    Deliver the goods to my address (OSC Courier) – OSC will bring the goods to You by courier, at the address indicated in the order.


Beyond the border of Tallinn delivery charges are calculated automatically according to the weight of your shopping cart orders.

If a single order exceeds 156 EUR, we will ship the goods outside Tallinn free.