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floor mats

Car floor mats are custom made to preciously fit the distinctive features of the floor for each car model. This is the guarantee of safely placed mats, which are fixed with standard car vendor equipment.
Floor mats are made from contemporary eco-friendly materials, which are similar and for certain characteristics even better than natural caoutchouc. This product is resistant to alkali, acids and other chemical agents, which can get into your car with the snow slush on footwear.
Special material, which the floor mats are made of, ensures complete protection against dirt and stains. Specially designed high edges (3-4 cm) of the cargo mats assure high liquid holding capacity, and the relief pattern on the mats adds anti slip properties.

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floor mats

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Porsche PORSCHE CAYENNE (955) 09.2002 - 03.2010 3
Porsche PORSCHE CAYENNE (958) 04.2010 - ... 1