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Results found: 5

Wax Shampoo

Price:   3.95  EUR
Item code: AL12499974

Area of use - with high concentrations of wax shampoo.After washing and drying, leaves the perfect shine with a dirt-resistant protective layer.
Features - high wax content, lathers well.

in the store : 4 pc.

Rinsed wax KUI - VAX

Price:   4.80  EUR
Item code: AL12499972

Characteristics - Accelerates the drying process after washing vehicles. Leaves a slight gloss.Leaves surface water-repellent for a short period.

in the store : 4 pc.

Innovational rim cleaner RIM-X

Price:   11.30  EUR
Item code: AL11993712

Application area - Wheels (aluminum, chrome, alloy and other painted / varnished rims).
Features - Highly effective, acid-free and pH-balanced detergent.

in the store : 4 pc.

Powerful Detergent LTP 13 Plus

Price:   3.65  EUR
Item code: AL11993532

Application area - Truck and tents, cars, atv-s, motorcycles, etc.
Features - Removes efficiently and easily oil, grease, grime, asphalt pitch, road salt, inks, lubricants, etc.

in the store : 3 pc.

Odorless Anti-Bitumen

Price:   3.70  EUR
Item code: AL11993533

Scope of use - cars, engines, trucks, cleaning, cleaning of oily components.
Features - Removes asphalt, tar, oil, road salt, lubricants.Odorless

in stock : 5 units

date of delivery: 25.04.2017, 11:00 help

Results found: 5

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