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bremserbakker ICER

Pris:   16.80  EUR
Varekode: AL14380649
Analog reservedel af høj kvalitet.
Brake system:Ate - Teves
Axle Version:front
Brake Type:Disc brakes
Technical Information Number:180162
width [mm]:56,55
Length [mm]:61,55
Thickness [mm]:15
Weight [kg]:0.709
braking system:Hydraulic
Model:2.0 (116.36 E)
Fitting Position:Front Axle
Displacement (rounded) [cc]:1962
Displacement (exact) [cc]:1948
From construction year:01.85
To construction year:12.85
Engine Code:AR 06212
Output to [HP]:128
Output to [kW]:94
salgsenhed:packing unit: 1 kpl.

kan bestilles 4 stk
kan leveres: 09.12.2016 help

Resultater fundet: 1

17 more bremserbakker found in the new catalogue

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