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Sensor, kølevæsketemp.

Pris:   8.48  EUR
Varekode: AL14379749
Analog reservedel af høj kvalitet.
Thread Size:M12x1,5
Sensor Type:NTC Sensor
Mounting Type:Bolted
Spanner Size:19 mm
Has the same colour as the orginal part:white; black; Light Blue
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info:with seal
braking system:Hydraulic
Brake Type:disc brakes
Model:2.4 JTD (936A2A__)
Transmission Type:Manual transmission, 6-speed
Displacement (rounded) [cc]:2387
Displacement (exact) [cc]:2387
From construction year:09.98
To construction year:10.00
Engine Code:AR 34202
Output to [HP]:136
Output to [kW]:100
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info:JTD

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Resultater fundet: 1

8 more sensor, kølevæsketemp. found in the new catalogue

Alfa Romeo 166 (936) Sensor, kølevæsketemp.
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