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bremserbakker ICER

Pris:   117.32  EUR
Varekode: AL14385272
Analog reservedel af høj kvalitet.
Brake system:Brembo
Brake Type:Disc brakes
Technical Information Number:182010
width [mm]:77,3
Wear Warning Contact:Incl. wear warning contact
Axle Version:front
Inspection Tag:E9 90R-01111/2980
Thickness [mm]:16
Length [mm]:131,6
Weight [kg]:2.621
Model:1.8 TBi
Fitting Position:Front Axle
Displacement (rounded) [cc]:1742
From construction year:04.10
Engine Code:940 A1.000
Output to [kW]:173
Output to [HP]:235
Supplementary Article/Supplementary Info:TBi
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